Welcome to the departureboard.io API Documentation. This site contains detailed information on how to consume the various endpoints offered by the departureboard.io API.

The departureboard.io API is a high performance API written in Golang. Its goal is to provide two main functions:

  1. A JSON API interface to the legacy National Rail SOAP API: Giving developers the ability to pull live information on departures, arrivals, and services from National Rail, without having to use the legacy SOAP API provided by National Rail. Information is still pulled directly from National Rail in the background, providing the same level of real-time data without the additional complexity of having to interact with SOAP.

  2. A JSON API interface for additional National Rail information: Giving developers the ability to pull a range of information about the Rail Network, via a JSON API interface. This is not an offering that National Rail currently provide, and is custom developed. Data is sourced from periodically updated XML documents, parsed, and provided for consumption via the departureboard.io API.

This API is completely free to use for non-commercial purposes. You can explore the various sections of the documentation using the links below.

The documentation is also available in Swagger OpenAPI 3.0 Spec.


Learn how to register for your National Rail API Key and sign up for the departureboard.io API Portal.

Usage Limits

Learn about the departureboard.io usage limits, and what might happen if you exceed them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions about the departureboard.io API.

Intelligent Caching

Overview of the departureboard.io custom developed Intelligent Caching solution which improves query performance and reduces calls to National Rail.

HTTP Response Codes

Learn about the HTTP Response Codes that the departureboard.io API may return, and what they mean.

Commercial and High Volume Usage

Learn more about our options for commercial or high volume usage of the departureboard.io API.

Terms & Conditions

The full Terms & Conditions to usage of the departureboard.io API.

Endpoints: Departures and Arrivals

Detailed documentation and examples for the getDeparturesByCRS, getArrivalsByCRS and getArrivalsAndDeparturesByCRS API endpoints.

Endpoints: Fastest and Next Departures

Detailed documentation and examples for the getNextDeparturesByCRS and getFastestDeparturesByCRS API endpoints.

Endpoint: Service Details

Detailed documentation and examples for the getServiceDetailsByID API endpoint.

Endpoints: Station Lookups

Detailed documentation and examples for the getStationBasicInfo and getStationDetailsByCRS API endpoints.