Getting started with the API is easy, with a simple two step registration process.

The API is powered by National Rail, so most of your queries will need to contain your National Rail API Key as a query parameter in the URL. The documentation for each API Endpoint covers how to do this. If you don’t have a National Rail API Key, it is quick, easy and free to get one. Just visit the registration page and sign up.

Once you have your API Key, you need to whitelist it with us for usage with the API. This is a super simple two field form and whitelisting is applied immediately. We require this step as it is the only way we can collect a basic level of information on who is using the API. We’ll never use the information to send you marketing emails, and will never pass on your details to any third parties.

Please note: At no point do we ever store your National Rail API Key. Instead we compute and store a SHA512 hash of your API Key. This enables us to uniquely identify your API Key (for purposes of whitelisting and rate limiting) but means that we cannot reverse the hash to reveal the actual key.

This information will only ever be used for two very well defined purposes:

  1. To proactively communicate any upcoming breaking changes that you should be aware of, for example the upcoming retirement of a legacy API version which may impact your applications.
  2. To proactively notify you in the event that you are exceeding the defined constraints of the service, for example significantly exceeding the rate limit. We’d prefer to reach out and work with you instead of automatically taking enforcement action such as refusing requests.

You’re free to provide an invalid email address if you’d rather not give us this information, but by doing so you accept that there will be no proactive communication of breaking changes, or in the event that we take actions to limit your usage of the service.