Usage Limits

The purpose of the API is to make it super simple for developers to start developing with National Rail Data. We want to remove the complexity that dealing with SOAP introduces and free developers to get started innovating quickly.

Consequently we have a very generous usage limits that will suit the use cases of most developers. In order to protect the service, we do have some usage limits in place by default. If you think you’ll be exceeding these limits, please get in touch and we can discuss your use case.

If you exceed these limits you should expect that the API will start returning HTTP 429 Too Many Requests responses. We have some intelligence in place to account for rare peaks in usage beyond the defined thresholds below, but there are no gaurantees that you requests will be successful beyond the below threshold.

Type Included API Endpoints Rate Limit
National Rail Backed API Calls getDeparturesByCRS
60 requests per minute
Tier 1 API Calls getStationBasicInfo No Limit
Tier 2 API Calls getStationDetailsByCRS No Limit

Important: Please also apply common sense when making use of the API and avoid sending unnecessarily excessive requests. For example, we have seen people in the past requesting departures from one station 4 times per second. The information is not updated that frequently by National Rail and it creates an unnecessary level of traffic. If clear signs of bad application architecture or API misuse are detected (for example 1000’s of requests for the same information over a short period of time) we reserve the right to rate limit or suspend service for a period of time.